Listening to "The ocean's whispers!"

Nguyen Gia Hotel - A rustic and unique space, located in the heart of Son Tra district famous for its endless romantic beaches, will definitely be a great choice for your vacation. We understand that you have spent a lot of time in your life and busy work. Therefore, the moments of relaxation, private rest or enjoying with relatives and friends are extremely precious. At Nguyen Gia, we always cherish those precious moments of you and look forward to giving you the most perfect experience for your vacation. More than "a resting place", what we want for you is "a place to return to"


Nguyen Gia Hotel offers 60 rooms designed in a rustic style, minimalist but sophisticated and full of modern amenities to give you a true resting space


Located on floor 2 of the hotel, Nguyen Gia buffet restaurant is where epicures can fulfill their dream that being served with various delicacacies.

Pool, Bar

Pools are always the perfect ideal place to chill out with gangs. Imagine that fresh air carrying on its self the smell of salty sea wind from the mesmerized beaches, top of best drinks, beautiful sunny days all seem waiting for just you and your friends on Nguyen Gia's rooftop pool.


Nguyen Gia hotel provides plenty of services that could meet all of our guests' demand.

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